About Us

Thank you so much for dropping by to take a look at what we do. I’m Geri a Mumma of two spirited little girls Lily (almost 4yrs) and Evie (2yrs). Becoming a mum has changed my life like I could never believe. I have experienced so much personal growth on this journey, not to mention the incredible highs and lows of parenthood. I too am on a spiritual journey to be the best version of myself I can be, not only for my kids but for myself, my husband, family, friends and my community.


I started Lil’ Eve to create something special for myself (other than being a full- time mum), where I could use my creativity aligned with my passion for eco-friendly ideals. Our ethos is about creating connection- connection with ourselves, our children and our Mother Earth. Teaching our next generation about positivity, loving themselves, being kind to each other and respecting nature but first it starts with us not just talking about it but doing it too!


Being able to give a gift to another fellow human is a gift in itself, I personally love watching the joy on people’s faces when they open a truly heart felt and thoughtful gift. That is why at Lil’ Eve we love to personalize our products for that something extra special. Giving a gift that also gives back to our community and Mother nature is even more of a bonus. That is why we choose to make regular donations from sales to the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF) who’s mission is to help reduce carbon emissions through planting trees across Australia.


Thank you for supporting our small start-up business I look forward to sharing this journey with you

Geri x