Simplifying School Lunches with BIBO: Expert Tips for Busy Parents

Simplifying School Lunches with BIBO: Expert Tips for Busy Parents

Whether you’re a new school parent or a seasoned veteran, the lunchbox battle can get the best of anyone.


To help navigate the realm of school lunches with ease and simplicity, Lil & Eve’ spoke to Jess Britten, a mum of 3 young kids and the owner and founder of BIBO, a kids' mealtime business specialising in essentials for little ones, including eco-friendly bento boxes and silicone drink bottles, for her practical top tips for Back to School.

 I understand the challenges parents face in crafting the perfect school lunch. While the allure of Instagram-worthy lunch boxes is undeniable, the reality of our hectic lives often means simplicity is key.

  1. Keeping it Simple:

School lunches don't need to be a daily masterpiece. Prioritise your child's preferences over picture-perfect presentations. If Vegemite sandwiches are a hit, embrace them! Quick options like a BBQ chicken can effortlessly transform into a delicious chicken and lettuce sandwich if you have older children that want something a bit more fancy.

  1. Freshness Hacks:

Freeze a yogurt pouch to keep lunchbox items cool. This ingenious hack not only maintains freshness but also provides a delightful, chilled treat as it defrosts throughout the day.

  1. The Right Lunchbox Matters:

Selecting the right lunchbox is crucial, especially for young children. BIBO Silicone Bento Boxes, are leak-proof and lightweight, ensuring easy use for little hands, avoiding potential lunchtime struggles.  Plus they won’t break a week into term one which let’s face it can easily happen with plastic options.

  1. Harness the Freezer's Power:

Embrace your freezer for more than just leftovers. Bake and freeze savory delights like pinwheels or scrolls, ensuring a hassle-free addition to lunch boxes. The freezer can even enhance the taste of baked goodies when sealed properly.

  1. Involving Kids in the Process:

Encourage your little ones to participate in selecting lunch items. Studies show that children involved in kitchen activities are more likely to try new foods. Consider creating flashcards with their favourite foods for an interactive and enjoyable selection process.


Don't forget to add your Lunchbox love card to make opening up their lunch box extra special. 

BIBO can help you transform mealtime into a stress-free, enjoyable experience for both parents and kids alike.

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