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Collection: Crystal Water Bottles


Natural crystal infused water bottles. These beautiful natural crystals offer their healing
powers through infusing in your daily water intake. Each crystal vibrates on different energetic frequencies that provide you with the unique benefits they each possess.
  • Quality Natural Crystals (food grade) each is unique
  • 500ml BPA free High borosilicate Glass and Stainless Steel bottles with strap
  • Easy to clean and care instructions included in purchase.

Care Instructions

Wash well before first use

Cleanse and charge your crystal and set your intentions

NOT suitable for dishwashers. Base can be removed and washed under warm water and gentle soap. Rinse your crystal.

Clearing and charging your crystal on a regular basis will ensure you receive maximum benefits.

When to clear: When you intuitively feel the crystal needs it, when surrounded with negative energy, sickness or when it may appear dull.

Ways to clear a crystal: Rinse in sea salt and water, smudge with sage or palo santo, place in a singing bowl and strike the bowl 3 times.

Charging your crystal: Under a full moon or new moon (feminine energy) or in direct sunlight (masculine energy).


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